How do I get a knife?

Starting out

I know that selecting something such as a custom knife can be hard.  I have many choices here and it can be overwhelming at times.  Remembering who the knife is for or why you want one is a huge help.  A wedding or anniversary?  Birthday or Christmas? The following steps should assist in your decision making.  


The first thing you have to do is look over the styles of knives I've made to-date.  A Montana or Skinner for the hunter?  A Rogue for a tactical/ fighting knife?  A Jasper or Whisper for backpacking or every day carry?  Something in the kitchen perhaps?

Handle materials

The handle materials on a knife are called scales.  You'll have to look through the many woods or man made materials to get a feel for what's out there.  Micarta and wood can be for the outdoors or tactical/ fighting life style.  Both also lean towards the kitchen or the more collectable side as well.  Only non-stabilized woods are recommended for uses other than the kitchen.

Knife pins

Like the scales on your knife, the pins can help make your knife have that personal touch.  Whether a simple 1/4" round tube or a custom decorative 10mm center pin.  This will make the knife yours.

Sheaths and materials

Sheath materials can range from thermoplastics like Kydex and Holstex to high grade leathers.  Where Kydex and Holstex come standard, leather sheaths start out at $50.

I'm here for you

Yes, that is a lot of information but don't let it get to you.  You can contact me and I can assist you in the process or answer some questions.  Simple click the link or go to the HOME page and the CONTACT US